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About CSDevNet


With a membership of over 300 organisations cutting across the six geo- political zones in Nigeria, Climate & Sustainable Development Network of Nigeria (CSDevNet) brings together organizations, comprising grassroots community practitioners, trusts, federations of slum dwellers and pastoralists, home based caregivers, youth, media, women and faith-based organizations, including those working on child welfare, the elderly, people with disabilities and those focusing on livestock and animal welfare, to commonly promote and advocate pro-poor, climate-friendly and equity-based responses to climate change.

CSDevNet aspires to unify and coordinate isolated civil society efforts on climate change advocacy in Nigeria to ensure that people-centred response mechanisms are accorded desirable attention and relevance as climate change is increasingly mainstreamed into national and global poverty reduction and sustainable development strategies and actions.


An environment free from the adverse impacts of climate change with sustainable development, equity and justice for all



To initiate and promote pro-poor development and equity based positions from the local, state and national levels on various environmental, sustainable development and other international conventions that Nigeria is a signatory.