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Goals & Objectives


To be an effective platform for Nigerian Civil Society Organisations to:
  • Share information and strategise jointly
  • Advocate for environmental sustainability and implement development programmes,
  • Coordinate engagement with Nigerian government and other stakeholders on climate change and sustainable development issues.


  • To embark on advocacy, research and public education on varied issues relating climate change and sustainable development.
  • To optimise the utilisation of local structures, experts and resources for climate change and sustainable development in Nigeria through cross-fertilisation of experiences.
  • To collaborate with experts in the area of research and documentation in the field of climate change and sustainable development as it affects and relates to communities in Nigeria.
  • To empower and strengthen, the capacity and capability of members and other similar institutions in Nigeria, by offering technical support in order to enhance the effectiveness of engagement in climate and sustainable development issues.
  • To liaise with similar bodies, local and international, with a view to coordinating efforts in pursuit of similar objectives.
  • To advocate and campaign for a positive policy and legislative framework that puts into account the effects of climate change and issues related to sustainable development.
  • To reduce climate change vulnerability of poor communities in Nigeria through awareness and strengthening the capacity of Nigeria’s local communities and civil society to implement community based adaptation and mitigation projects.
  • To promote environmental sustainability through sustainable management of natural resources and support communities to effectively participate in the same.