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CSDevNet commemorates World Sickle Cell Day 2024

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The Climate and Sustainable Development Network (CSDevNet), in collaboration with the Sickle Cell Free-Society Initiative, hosted an event to raise awareness on the double threat of sickle cell and climate change in commemoration of World Sickle Cell Day 2024.

This event took place on June 20th, 2024, at the Redeem Christian School And Academy Saburi-Abuja.

The primary objectives were to educate students about sickle cell disease, genotype compatibility, and the impact of climate change, as well as to promote tree planting as a mitigation strategy.

Over 100 participants, including students and teachers, attended the event.

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Abuh Peace Ajuma, a sickle cell warrior and advocate, facilitated the session, providing insights into sickle cell disease, genotype compatibility, and management strategies.

She emphasized the need for public education to enlighten children and mothers about the disease and to encourage routine screening tests so they can be aware of their hemoglobin phenotype when choosing partners.

She added, “lack of awareness of sickle cell disease is a major challenge in Nigeria, as reports show that about 25% of Nigerians carry the gene that causes it and about 3% of the population suffer from sickle cell disease.”

She encouraged students to ask their parents about their genotypes and get tested.

This was followed by a presentation from Paul Gwumapan Joseph, Programme Officer at CSDevNet, who discussed climate change, its mitigation, and the benefits of tree planting.

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The students were highly engaged, asking numerous questions about sickle cell and tree planting as a mitigation strategy.

He stated, “The impact of climate change on individuals with sickle cell is high, making them vulnerable.”

He underscored the need for clean cooking, tree planting, and encouraged students to practice proper waste management for a healthy environment.

At the end of the event, students participated in a tree planting exercise in the school compound to symbolize efforts in combating climate change.

The event facilitated meaningful discussions and connections among the students, fostering a deeper understanding of sickle cell disease and climate change.

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