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CSDevNet Strengthens Adaptative Capacity Of Farmers To Cope With The Impact Of Climate Change In Oyo State

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Reported By Adama Ebenezer

The Climate and Sustainable Development Network (CSDevNet) organised a one-day training workshop on “Building Adaptive Capacity of farmers to cope with the impact of climate change” which held on Thursday 16th November, 2023 at Aba Aremu, Omi Adio, Ibadan, Oyo State.

The workshop brought together about forty (40) farmers including men and women, young people and old, with the discussions centered on climate change impacts on agriculture and the need for adaptation.

The objectives of the training were to provide training to farmers on climate smart agricultural practices so as to enhance their ability to adapt to the Impact of climate change; Promote community-based adaptation for farmers; and provide awareness on the need to explore early warning systems in other to take proactive measures on the impact of climate change.

The workshop provided the opportunity for participants to learn and understand climate smart agriculture, the impacts of climate change on the agricultural sector and how to cope with it.


  • Agriculture is the single most important component of most rural people and also plays an important role in the lives of many people in semi-urban areas.
  • The need to introduce an effective climate change adaptation strategy can not be over emphasized so that climate change impacts would not worsen to a point where they are irreversible.
  • The need for adaptation finance in other to provide financial protection to farmers in the event of crop failure due to climate related factors.
  • Climate risk reduction strategies and early warning systems at the national level have improved significantly but do not have trickle-down effect to the farmers and vulnerable communities that need such information to determine their actions.
  • The need to take action to reduce emission of greenhouse gases as well as adapt to cope with its impact.
  • The need for agricultural insurance policy to protect the farmers/ farm owners against financial loss or damage to their farm.
  • Farmers awareness of change in climate attributes (temperature and precipitation) is important to adaptation decision making.
  • The need to establish plans for periodically reassessing remedy and site vulnerabilities, to determine if additional capacity is needed as cleanup progresses and climate conditions change.
  • Need for prioritization of agriculture and the role of farmers in climate adaptation plans and policies of the government.

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