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COP28: CSDevNet Convened Dialogue on the Role AI in sustainable Agrifood Systems

Group photo of speakers at the event
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Group photo of speakers at the event

By Mariam Idris

The Climate and Sustainable Development Network (CSDevNet) organised a side-event at COP28 held on December 2nd, 2023 in Dubai Expo2020 alongside other partners Queen Mary University of London, Change for Planet, Beeco, FHI 360 and other strategic partners.

The global agri-food system faces an unprecedented challenge: to produce enough food to feed a growing population while preserving limited resources and fragile ecosystems.

Climate change is further exacerbating these challenges, making it increasingly difficult to ensure food security and nutrition for all.

In response to these challenges, there is a growing recognition of the need for transformative climate action in sustainable agri-food systems.

This will require a fundamental shift in the way we produce, consume, and waste food. Technology, AI, and innovation have the potential to play a critical role in this transformation.

Dr. Sam Ogallah Senior Finance advisor at the African Union

In this context CSDevNet organised a side-event on the sidelines of COP28 that discussed on how explore the potential of technology, artificial intelligence (AI), and innovation to drive transformative climate action in sustainable agri-food systems.

In his speech, Dr. Sam Ogallah Senior Finance advisor at the African Union emphasized on the need for agri-food system in our society for sustainable agricultural system. He urged the participants to share their experiences and thought on the expert’s present presentation.

Dr. Fernando Barrio from Queen Mary University of London, highlighted the importance of policy in the regulation of techno-solutions and AI technology. He stated that policy and development frameworks are critical in order to have a proper development in Agriculture.

“Addressing these challenges cannot be overlooked AS far as human right environment is concerned. regulatory frameworks Sshould promote innovation” Dr.  Fernando reiterated.

 With emerging technologies, African young people tend to join the move without necessarily connecting it to agriculture.

Mr Stephen Abu, NNC at CSDevNet

According to Steve Abu, amid the new technologies and impacts of Climate change, some young people displaced where they can find these technologies for resilience hence leaving agriculture stripped off workforce.

“The impact of climate change has led many young people to migrate to other countries because their livelihoods have been destroyed”, said Mr. Abu.

The side event on “Technology, AI and Innovation for Transformative Climate Action in Sustainable Agri-food Systems” was a valuable opportunity to discuss the role of technology in transforming agri-food systems for climate action.

The event highlighted the potential of technology, AI, and innovation to make agri-food systems more sustainable, resilient, and inclusive.  It also emphasized the need for increased investment, collaboration, and innovation to achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement.

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