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CSDevNet accelerates Agricultural Adaptation in Abia State

Group photograph of participants
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Group photograph of participants

Reported by Agu Chukwuemeka

The Climate and Sustainable Development Network (CSDevNet) held a one-day workshop on Global Week for climate action through its south east implementing partner Foundation for Environmental Rights, Advocacy and Development (FENRAD) on 22nd November 2023 in Abia state.

The workshop with the theme “Bridging the Care Gap: Accelerating Agricultural Adaptation in Abia state” aimed at addressing threats and climate related disasters towards attainment of accelerating agricultural adaptation processes to climate change impacts.

The workshop brought together representatives from CSDevNet, the African Network on Environment and Economic Justice (ANEEJ), the Organization of Economic Development (OECD), Ministries of Environment, Agriculture, Women’s Affairs, as well as youth groups and students.

The Hon. Commissioner for Environment in Abia state, Mr. Philemon Ogbonna, who was represented by Mr. Chris Ike, in his goodwill message, welcomed all community members, stakeholders and all other important players in the climate space to the event.

“Your activity today aimed at arming and mobilising Abians, governments, business and other players towards seriously addressing climate issues are most welcome and instructive,” he said.

He urged the participants to pursue clean cooking solutions and create awareness among grassroots farmers regarding new climate-smart agricultural technologies.

He also emphasised the importance of education and awareness campaigns to empower farmers to adapt to the changing climate.

Mr. Agu Chukwuemeka, representative of the National Network Coordinator of CSDevNet Mr. Abu Stephen, in his goodwill message, welcomed the stakeholders, students and community members with extreme joy.

He stated that accelerating agricultural adaptation in Abia state and Nigeria is a pressing topic and thanked FENRAD for hosting the workshop.

“This workshop will help to present Nigerian voices and drive the message for many of the sectorial interventions that need to be done to help Nigeria, Africa and the world at large to cope with the issues of climate change,” said Agu.

Mr. Chris Ike, Director at the Department of Climate Change – Ministry of Environment, reiterated the need to educate farmers at the grassroots level on climate-smart agricultural technologies.

He also encouraged Abia farmers and cooperatives to take advantage of the insurance offered by the African Development Bank to support them during these challenging times in agriculture.

The first paper presented at the workshop focused on “Accelerating Agricultural and Climate Change Adaptation in Abia State; The NEWMAP Approach”.

Mr. Prince Onyenwaku, Natural Resources Management/Climate Change Desk Officer from Abia NEWMAP, discussed the harmful agricultural practices that have led to climate change issues in the state.

These practices include selling off community lands, improper drainage termination, deforestation, and targeting of iconic tree species.

Mr. Onyenwaku highlighted various remediation techniques such as bio-engineering, soil and water conservation, farming across slopes, capacity building for community farmers, gender inclusivity, establishment of environment jet clubs, and stakeholder engagement meetings with local leaders.

The Executive Director of FENRAD, Com. Nelson Nwafor in his paper presentation mentioned that the objective of the summit was to mobilize and engage stakeholders in addressing climate change threats and implementing strategies such as early warning signs, climate-smart agricultural practices, water management, capacity building, financial support, policy frameworks, and research and innovations.

The importance of collaboration, awareness, and targeted actions to enable farmers to adjust to the challenges posed by climate change was also highlighted at the workshop.

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