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CSDevNet Accelerating Nigeria’s Future: Unpacking COP28 Outcomes and Embracing Renewable Energy

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By Mariam Idris

The Climate and Sustainable Development Network (CSDevNet) hosted a multi-stakeholder national consultative dialogue on the 17th of January 2024 aimed at β€œUnpacking the Outcome of COP28” held at Dubai Expo 2020 from 30th November, 2023 to 12 December, 2023.

Prof. Ibrahim Choji Mni, Board Chairman of CSDevNet, opened the event with a warm welcome to dignitaries and participants.

Acknowledging their presence, he emphasized the importance of collective action in addressing the pressing issue of climate change.

He added that the urgency of collective action, reminding everyone that “rhetoric must translate into reality” and that commitment to tackling climate change requires concrete steps and effective implementation.

“Climate change is not a distant threat; it is an immediate reality,” asserted Choji. Yet, within this urgency, he saw an opportunity: “to redefine our relationship with the planet and build a more resilient future for generations to come.”

Hon. Sam Onuigbo, newly appointed Patron of CSDevNet, expressed his honor and highlighted the importance of collaboration.

“Working in silos has left a huge gap in the climate space,” he said. “I am proud to be part of this organization that eliminates it.”

He encouraged participants to work together to build a climate-resilient Nigeria, pledging his continuous support.

Dr. Sam Ogallah, Senior Climate Change Advisor for the African Union (AU), emphasized the need to change the narrative: “We are not going to showcase ourselves as victims, but as solution providers.” He believes Africa holds the solutions to the climate crisis, urging everyone to “value what we have.”

Nigeria’s path forward, according to Hon. Onuigbo, lies in embracing renewable energy. He lauded the recent Electricity Act 2023, calling it a “quick fix” opportunity. He encouraged all stakeholders, including the private sector and civil society organizations, to explore the Act’s potential in mitigating climate change.

In closing, Mrs. Ibironke Olubamise, UNDP-GEF-SGP Coordinator, commended CSDevNet’s work and reaffirmed UNDP’s commitment to supporting environmental projects through grants.

This event served as a vital platform for unpacking COP28’s outcomes and charting a path for Nigeria’s future. By embracing collaboration, valuing African solutions, and rapidly adopting renewable energy, the nation can build a more resilient and sustainable future for itself and the world.

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